Pokémon anime reboot delayed on Netflix in the US

US Pokémon fans will now need to wait until 7th March to watch the rebooted Pokémon Horizons: The Series on Netflix.

The delay was announced by the official Pokémon account on X, though no reason for the extra hold-up was mentioned. The series had previously been set to launch in the US next month.

Pokémon Horizons is the new Pokémon anime series with fresh protagonists (including Captain Pikachu) and a new story, following the conclusion of Ash Ketchum’s long journey to become a Pokémon Master.

A closer look at the evolution of the Pokémon games.

Eurogamer’s Lottie watched the first few episodes of Pokémon Horizons at the end of last year and enjoyed its more serialised storytelling, after the familiar formula of Ash’s episodic adventures.

Here in the UK, Pokémon Horizons has been available to watch for a month already via BBC iPlayer and CBBC. It’s unclear why the US will now be lagging new episodes behind by up to three months.

Last week, the availability of the long-running Pokémon anime was highlighted by the impending closure of the free Pokémon TV app. This will leave the series split across several paid-for streaming services worldwide, including Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Have you watched Pokémon Horizons yet? Any good?

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