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Pokmon Go offers free care package of items

Pokémon Go has a smattering of free items for fans left unable to raid and complete tasks while self-isolating at home.


Running low on Golden Razz? You can nab a small amount of freebies with the following one-time-use code: EMRK2EZWLVSSZDC5

If you’re playing on Android, you can simply paste that code into the bottom of the game’s shop page. If you’re on iOS, you’ll need to redeem it via a web page where you’ll need to sign-in here. And if you have any problems redeeming the code, there’s some useful tips here.

You’ll then receive four Golden Razz, four Silver Pinapp and four Pokéballs. This week’s 1 PokéCoin lifeline box rotation, meanwhile, offers 20 Ultra Balls and 15 Pinapp berries.

Last week, the game expanded the radius you can now interact with gyms (meaning I can now battle and raid solo from my sofa, thank you!). But this is a stop-gap to the far-reaching changes Niantic is now working on – which include the upcoming ability to remotely take part in raids with friends, wherever you are.

Pokémon Go’s in-game event calendar has been reworked to ensure the game remains playable without being able to meet with others, and its big summer Go Fest events have been scrapped as real-world meetups, to be “re-imagined” as experiences playable from home.

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