Promising Sims-like Paralives gets seven-minute gameplay video, is hitting Steam early access next year

If you’re a fan of The Sims and Sims-like experiences, it’s quite an exciting time; The Sims 5, or whatever it’ll be called, is slowly fomenting over at EA, then there’s the imminent release of Paradox’s Life By You following a number of delays, and even the charmingly lo-fi Tiny Life for old-school Sims fans. Perhaps the game that’s generated the most excitement since its unveiling back in 2019 is Paralives, and after a long old wait — and five years of crowdfunding support — developer Paralives Studio has announced it’ll be entering early access next year.

That bit of information comes via Paralives new live mode gameplay video — live mode in Sims parlance is the bit where digital chracters actively go about their daily business, as opposed to the customisation-focused build mode — which focuses of the life of Anisa as she moves into a new apartment and begins to get to know the neighbourhood and her new neighbours.

There’s a look at how a Para’s personality can be created — initially by raising or lowering their physique, mind, creativity, and charisma attributes, as well as adding a «vibe», social perk, talent, and through various lifestyle toggles — and after that it’s time to go outside.

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