Psychedelic headbanger Akka Arrh coming to PS VR2 in March

Akka Arrh is making the jump from the flat screen to virtual reality, via its upcoming arrival on PS VR2.

Akka V-Arrh, as I am now dubbing it (it is still officially just called Akka Arrh) will be heading to Sony’s PlayStation set in March. A more specific date is yet to be announced. However, when it does arrive, Jeff Minter’s psychedelic head-banger promises to «transcend» its former contrastrains, and give us all an «unparalleled sensory odyssey» on its VR release.

«Here, players don’t just witness the chaos; they step inside it,» the PR proclaims. «In this surreal VR world of cascading shapes, colours, and sounds, every element of Minter’s vision comes to life with an intensity and clarity that was once unimaginable.»

Here’s AKKA ARRH’s launch trailer.

Key features for Akka Arrh’s PS VR2 debut include options to disable intense visual effects, which I can imagine being quite something from inside the headset. It also promises everything you would expect from an Akka Arrh experience, with plenty of explosions, enemies and action abound over 50 levels.

If you are yet to play the original, flat version of the game, be sure to check out Eurogamer’s Akka Arrh review from last year.

Our Donlan was incredibly taken with the release. «Akka Arrh takes a long time to click — it did for me at least. This is because I was looking for an easy way in, and there is no easy way in here. (That said, I do recommend switching out the default one-button control to a two-button option.) But when it does click, it clicks on an entirely new level,» he wrote.

«It clicks deep — subcutaneous deep? Deeper still — a thrill I feel in my bones, my marrow. This is a game with a lot going on — more than any Minter game since Space Giraffe it gives you an astonishing amount of things to keep in mind as you play. And yet, because of the way it slowly transformed itself in Minter’s mind and eyes and hands until it reached this current state, its complexity is just waiting to melt away to reveal something that feels pure. Pure understanding.

«This game puts you in the zone.»

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