Resident Evil 9 will be open-world, leaker suggests


Resident Evil 9 is reportedly being developed as an open-world game.

That’s according to noted leaker Dusk Golem, who said that following Capcom’s improvements to the RE Engine when developing open-world experiences like Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom is eager to capitalise on the expanded tech when making Monster Hunter Wild and Resident Evil 9.

Cover image for YouTube video12 Biggest WTF Moments In Resident Evil Village — RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE GAMEPLAY 60FPS PS5

12 Biggest WTF Moments In Resident Evil Village — RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE GAMEPLAY 60FPS PS5

«So here’s a little tidbit I’ll share,» Dusk Golem said on X/Twitter. «Capcom often will greenlight new initiatives in threes closer together.

«Decent examples are RE7, RE:2 & DMCV were all greenlit fairly close together to take advantage of their new RE Engine, and the idea to remake RE:2 inspired them to also take on RE:3 & RE:4 for a remake initiative.

«Dragon’s Dogma 2 expanded RE Engine functionality for open world games, the two other games building on this tech is Monster Hunter Wild & Resident Evil 9.

«All three project goals [sic] has been to retain the series DNA,» Golem added in a subsequent tweet. «Dragon’s Dogma 2 is still clearly Dragon’s Dogma, Wild is still clearly Monster Hunter, same will be true for RE9 [with] Resident Evil.»

Capcom has not formally confirmed that Resident Evil 9 is in development – although it’s fair to presume it is – while Monster Hunter Wild was announced back in December 2023.

ICYMI, Shinji Mikami, the legendary developer behind Resident Evil and a string of other classics, recently founded a new company.

Titled as KAMUY Inc., the new company was spotted in a biography for Mikami listed on the official Shadows of the Damned: Hella Remastered website. Mikami worked as creative producer on the original Shadows of the Damned game, though is not thought to be directly involved in its upcoming remake.

Mikami announced he was quitting his studio Tango Gameworks in February 2023, after 12 years as its CEO. At the time, it was unclear what Mikami would end up doing next.


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