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Space Junkies PSVR open beta shows promise, shame about the control scheme

I got absolutely thrashed the first couple of times I played the Space Junkies open beta on PSVR. At first I thought it was just because I was a bit of a noob, but then I twigged the real reason – Space Junkies is cross-play between PS4 and PC.

PC players, it turns out, are able to use motion controls that allow them to dual wield and aim with two weapons independently. PSVR players on the other handed are limited to a bizarre control scheme that sees you aiming and moving with the DualShock 4 only. This is something that takes a little while to get used to, as you’ll be able to see in this week’s Ian’s VR Corner.

Now, before I recorded this week’s episode, I did figure out that you could turn off cross-play between both platforms, so you’ll actually be able to watch me get some rather satisfying wins. What you won’t be able to see me turn off however is the God-awful snap-turning, but more on that after the video…

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