Starfield’s latest patch out now on all platforms following end of Steam beta

Following a little under two weeks of Steam beta testing, Starfield’s latest patch is now available for all players on PC and Xbox Series X/S, bringing quest fixes, visual improvements, and more.

As noted in Bethesda’s announcement post, Starfield’s latest update — officially numbered — has received one additional PC crash fix in the jump from beta to full release. That tweak joins «over a hundred fixes and adjustments» detailed in its previous beta patch notes.

For the most part, updated is focused on quality-of-life improvements and quest fixes, with Bethesda saying its quashed instances of bulldozed objects reappearing when returning to an outpost, ship hatches being marked as inaccessible, and more. There’s also yet another fix intended to stamp out the lingering issue of asteroids doggedly following ships across the galaxy like overly enthusiastic puppies.

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Digital Foundry takes a look at one of Starfield’s most significant updates yet.

The update does find time for a couple of mildly sexier viual improvements, however, with enhanced textures, lighting, and shadows all highlighted in Bethesda’s patch notes. That’s alongside additional widescreen support and stability improvements.

Bethesda also reiterates it’s previously announced goal of releasing «a steady stream of updates about every six weeks» in 2024. These, as it teased last year, will include «new ways of traveling» and official mod support via Bethesda’s Creation Club.

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