Stellar Blade Among PS5 Exclusives Set for 2024

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced that Korean studio Shift Up’s debut game Stellar Blade will be among PS5 exclusives set to release in 2024. The game was originally announced as a multiplatform game before being pulled off of Xbox in favor of a PS5 console exclusive release alongside PC.

All PS5 console exclusives and accessories releasing in 2024

Sony announced Stellar Blade’s new release window in a PS Blog post highlighting what’s in store for PS5 owners in 2024. The game was previously set for release in 2023, but fans were already convinced it wouldn’t be out this year. Now, we have official confirmation.

“Stellar Blade combines sharp action with stunning visuals and a mature narrative to create something all new,” Sony wrote about the Shift Up title. “Players will have to master a balanced offense and defense to survive against hordes of out-of-this-world enemies.”

The following PS5 console exclusives are scheduled for 2024 thus far:

PS5 players can also expect the Pulse Elite wireless headset in February 2024 and the Sterling Silver DualSense and PS5 console cover from the Deep Earth collection starting January 26, 2024.

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