Stellar Blade Dev Explains Focus on Protagonist’s Body and Looks

Stellar Blade developer Shift Up has explained why it put “special attention” on the PS5 game’s protagonist Eve’s looks and her back. Eve’s body is based on Korean model Shin Jae-eun’s body, and Shift Up CEO Hyung-Tae Kim has explained his reasons for making an alluring character.

Stellar Blade protagonist’s back design is deliberate

Speaking to GamesRadar, Kim says that Shift Up focused on Eve’s back because “the player is always facing the back of the character when they’re playing,” and since “that’s what they see the most of,” her backside design was “pretty important.” Kim argues that video games are unnecessarily scrutinized more than other entertainment mediums, like movies, for having beauitful, sensual characters.

“Honestly, when I play a game I would like to see someone who is better-looking than myself,” Kim continued. “That’s what I want. I don’t want to see something normal; I want to see something more ideal. I think that is very important in a form of entertainment. This is, after all, entertainment targeted for adults.”

Kim conceded that making video game characters look “unrealistically beautiful” in this day and age is somewhat of a bold move considering people tend to have views that are “not always positive” when it comes to such characters.

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