Suicide Squad Game Teases Tons of Customization for Characters

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will support “hundreds” of build combinations across four characters at launch, according to game director Axel Rydby. Rocksteady Studios also pledged robust post-launch support, and teased a “huge” endgame.

Suicide Squad characters and customization designed around player choice and freedom

Over on Suicide Squad’s Discord, Rydby said that player choice and freedom is one of the game’s core philosophies, and the developers want players to “make each character your own.”

“At launch, we’re looking at hundreds of possible combinations and permutations for builds across our four characters, and this is something we’re adding A LOT to in post launch,” Rydby added. “We’re not supposed to talk about that today though, but I’m really excited for you all to see the cool stuff we’ve got cooking.”

Elsewhere on Discord, Rydby said that Suicide Squad comes with a “huge” endgame that encourages players to master their character. “Our core philosophy for endgame was, essentially, mastery,” he wrote. “Mastery of your character, traversal, talents, enemy types, mission mechanics and, of course, your choice of build.”

Separately in an interview with Play Magazine (issue 36), Rocksteady said that Suicide Squad is “easily” the studio’s “biggest game story-wise.” Following a delay, the title will release on February 2.

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