Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League players are switching on the game to find its story already completed

Some games can take forever to finish. Hours upon hours can be put into any given title, as players make their steady way to victory. When those credits ultimately roll, the sense of achievement can be a wonderful feeling.

But, this isn’t the case with Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, at least right now. In fact, many are finding they have ‘completed the game’ even before they take their first step. This is thanks to an issue that has seen those already with their hands on the game logging in to find they have full story completion from the off.

Developer Rocksteady is aware of this unexpected narrative fast track, and is now in the process of sorting it all out.

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«We will be performing maintenance on the game servers,» the studio shared on its social media feed, acknowledging the blip. «During this time the game will be unavailable.»

Rocksteady said this Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League maintenance will take «several hours» to complete. The studio will update everyone as things progress.

«We apologise for the inconvenience,» Rocksteady closed.

Our Ed recently went hands-on with Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and he wasn’t overly enthusiastic about the whole thing.

«It’s clear Rocksteady is keen to try something new with Suicide Squad while remaining tied to the studio’s past,» he wrote, «but as an online shooter with live service elements it’s perhaps trend-chasing more than sticking to what the studio does best. Its Arkham-verse lineage and characterful storytelling are strong, but this might not be the superhero fantasy you’re looking for.»

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