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Superb theme park management sim Parkitect is getting an 8-player online co-op mode

Developer Texel Raptor’s superb theme park management sim Parkitect is set to receive its most ambitious update yet, introducing 8-player co-operative multiplayer on 8th December.

Parkitect is already a gloriously designed thing, successfully managing to deliver a soothing nostalgia fix for Rollercoaster Tycoon fans, while still introducing some wonderfully impactful innovations at the same time – including powerful construction tools and smart gameplay additions such as a focus on intra-park delivery infrastructure – that breathe new life into the classic building and management formula.

Texel Raptor’s latest addition, however – which follows on from two paid DLC expansions – is the game’s most significant endeavour yet, offering the kind of collaborative multiplayer building experience that’s frequently requested by fans but rarely seen in the genre.

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