Tekken 8 to update accessibility features following health concerns

Tekken 8 will be making some changes to its accessibility features after players and specialists raised concerns when playing the demo.

Last month, players using the game’s colour blind options reported falling ill with vertigo and migraines, and many people spoke about the need for changes on social media.

Tekken 8 director Katushiro Harada responded and said people had «misunderstood» the accessibility options, which developer Bandai Namco had «never claimed or publicised» would be useful to all colour blind players.

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Earlier this week at the Tekken World Tour Finals, Harada addressed the feedback on the game’s accessibility options. «Actually, that was just a work in progress,» Harada said (translated by Tekken producer Michael Murray). «We’ve actually tweaked that quite a bit to try to address some of the issues and to make sure that it works better for a wider variety of people,» he revealed, adding the updated versions will be added to the retail game and the demo.

Watch Katsuhiro Harada speak about Tekken 8’s updated accessibility features.

Harada didn’t state whether the new accessibility options will be available at launch or not.

Tekken 8 releases on 26th January and its demo is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Earlier this week, Bandai Namco revealed fan-favourite Eddy Gordo as the first DLC character for the game, who will be added to the roster of fighters in spring.

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