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The Force Awakens live

This battle station will be fully armed and operational at 3:30pm.

There has been an awakening in your wallet. Have you felt it?

Yes, the ever popular Lego franchise has just popped out a brand new title. The latest is based on last year’s hugely anticipated Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens – meaning if you’re a Star Wars fan, a Lego fan, or a parent to someone who is both of these things, you’re almost certainly going to have to fork out for this game at some point down the line.

I grabbed a copy yesterday and I’ll be playing through the first 90 minutes at 3:30pm today. Tune in by clicking on the video below.

Be careful though, young padawan; I’ve been told to warn everyone that something very cool but VERY SPOILERY happens during the first level. So perhaps give this one a miss if you want avoid ruining the surprise for yourself.

Oh, and for those of you looking for a review, stay on target – ours goes live tomorrow morning at around 8am.

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