This fan-made Lethal Company VR mod looks terrifying

A fan-made VR mod for Lethal Company is out now, so you can fully immerse yourself in your work for the Company.

The mod, from DaXcess, is compatible with multiple headsets and adds hand movement and motion-based controls.

It’s also integrated into the game to work seamlessly with both VR players and non-VR players in the same lobby.

Let’s Play Lethal Company — What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Powered by Unity’s OpenXR, players can use Oculus, Virtual Desktop, SteamVR, and more to use the mod.

There are special additions to the controls too: spray paint shaking and shovel/sign swinging through motion controls.

If you’re keen to try it out yourself, download the mod from Thunderstore or GitHub and check out the video below.

Lethal Company VR Mod Release Trailer

Eurogamer’s VR expert Ian has already given it a go and found setup pretty easy — especially with this YouTube tutorial.

«I’ve only played solo for a couple of minutes so far, but it really feels like Lethal Company was built for VR. Making my way through the creepy corridors with flashlight in motion-controlled hand was even scarier than in flat because it felt like I was actually there,» said Ian.

Very dark Lethal Company screenshot with horrible black creature

The HUD on your wrists in Lethal Company VR mod

Ian named the picture on the left «The-last-thing-I-saw-before-I-got-my-face-eaten-by-a-Bracken.jpg» | Image credit: Eurogamer

Lethal Company is definitely having a viral moment, though be warned it’s full of spiders. If that’s an issue, you can always use the arachnophobia mode which has a novel approach to removing those deadly critters.

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