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This mod will let you play the entirety of GTA 5 in VR

It’s weird how VR can make a familiar game feel like a completely new experience. For example, I’ve played GTA 5 many a time before and on multiple platforms, but looking at the world of Los Santos through the twin lenses of a VR headset allowed me to spot so many little details that I’d missed on previous visits.

The best way I’ve found to describe this phenomenon to non-VR users is to liken it to looking through a holiday brochure at photos of a resort you’re planning on visiting. The resort looks beautiful from the pictures sure, and in your mind’s eye you can easily picture yourself sat there by the side of the pool, sipping on a cocktail.

But those flat images are nothing compared to the feeling of actually being there in person, to stand by that pool and to see the size of it in three dimensions. To know the depth of it by peering over the edge into the water or to spot the little weeds or odd bits of wear and tear dotted around the paths that surround it because in the photos they masked by all the scenery.

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