This new mod brings 6DoF VR to the original Far Cry

As a VR veteran and self-confessed Far Cry fan, a fully VR version of a Far Cry game is always near the top of my wishlist when someone asks me which games I’d love to play in VR.

And now, thanks once again to the Flatscreen to VR modding community, my dreams have been made a reality. Talented modder Cabalistic who previously released a flatscreen to VR mod for Crysis has used that framework to bring 6DoF VR to the very first Far Cry game from 2004 and putting my face inside it has been an excellently nostalgic trip down memory lane.

Check out the video above these words if you’d like to see me put the first portion of the game through its paces in my latest VR Corner episode. It features a look at how the cutscenes play out in VR and there’s a couple of big action segments in there too, including an explosive vehicular shootout on some of Far Cry’s gloriously golden sand dunes.

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