This Spyro the Dragon tweet has fans thinking a new instalment is coming

A new tweet from the official Spyro the Dragon Twitter/X account has sparked hopes that a new instalment could be on the way.

The account merely tweeted a screenshot of the fan-favourite dragon and the words «You gotta believe», but it’s the text that accompanied it – «2024 motto» – that has sparked excitement that a new game could be coming later this year.

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Beyond 2018’s Reignited Trilogy, things have been very quiet for Spyro fans, so it’s perhaps no surprise that this unexpected tease has stoked the rumour mill and has fan tongues wagging that a new game could be coming.

Spyro has bounced around developers quite a bit but has most recently been tied with Toys for Bob and publisher Activision Blizzard, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, of course. This means the next Spyro game could be an Xbox exclusive.

On the topic of Activision, yesterday we learned that a former Activision Blizzard executive has filed a discrimination claim with the company, alleging it of discriminating against «old white guys».

The complaint includes allegations against former CEO Bobby Kotick for remarks he made at an unspecified leadership conference in which he reportedly said that the «problem» at ABK was that «there are too many old white guys».

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