Ultrawings 2 Accidentally Released Early Without Day One Update

PSVR 2 aircraft sim Ultrawings 2 has been accidentally released on the PlayStation Store nine days before its intended release date.

As the release was “unforeseen”, the game is currently without its day one patch. Although this only deals with “relatively minor issues” that barely affect the game’s performance.

The Ultrawings 2 “day one” patch should be out in a few days

While it was initially intended for the day one patch to be available for the game’s original release date of February 3, developer Bit Planet Games has now confirmed that “the Dayish 1 patch has been submitted and should be out within days”. When asked whether it is worth players waiting for the patch before playing the game, the developer replied that the “game is solid” and the update only fixes “some relatively minor issues.”

One of those minor issues is a HOTAS control issue that slipped through the testing process. Until the update is released, there are a few workarounds for this. Firstly, the yaw controls are inverted when twisting the stick but this can be corrected by using the rocker on the throttle for now. Meanwhile, the instruction card for camera reset is incorrect and players need to hold down the Options button instead. Unfortunately, a problem that still persists is that the brake button is broken. Bit Planet said this will be fixed, although we don’t know when that will be.

The developer doesn’t know how the game was released early, although “it might have been something we did or didn’t do properly.” The good news is that despite the surprise early release, player feedback for the game is positive and it sits at a 4.9/5 rating on the PlayStation Store.

The sequel to Ultrawings advertises 40-60 hours of gameplay with six all-new aircraft and hundreds of missions across its island-themed world.

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