Until Dawn 2 Was Reportedly Planned, What Happened?

An intriguing new report claims that Until Dawn 2 was planned at one point before Sony parted ways with Supermassive Games. Both companies had a lengthy working relationship that allegedly came to an end because Supermassive wanted to go multiplatform.

The Quarry started off as Until Dawn 2, according to a former employee

Folks over at Time Extension have spoken to several Supermassive employees, who confirmed that Until Dawn 2 was being considered, with one claiming that The Quarry was originally conceived as a prototype of Until Dawn 2. There are conflicting views about what ended Sony’s working relationship with Supermassive, however.

One employee suggested that Supermassive had a change of plans and wanted to “shop around” for publishers with its pitch for what eventually became The Quarry. That was seemingly the “nail in the coffin” for its relationship with Sony. Google originally snapped up the title before dropping it, leaving 2K to pick it up eventually.

Another employee suggested that Sony decided to end things with Supermassive due to the studio taking The Dark Pictures to multiple platforms. Sony owns the Until Dawn IP, and decided to hand over the license to “someone else.” No one knows who that “someone else” is.

If Until Dawn does get a sequel, it seems highly unlikely that it’ll come from Supermassive.

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