Until Dawn Film Adaptation Is in the Works From PlayStation Studios — IGN The Fix: Entertainment

Hollywood is back at it again, this time adapting another video game into a feature length film. PlayStation Productions is teaming up with filmmaker Shazam director David F. Sandberg and Annabelle writer Gary Dauberman to bring the 2015 PS4-exclusive Supermassivethe pixels of the interactive horror game, Until Dawn, to the big screen. Sandberg will be helming the movie with Dauberman taking a pass at the script. Dauberman’s no slouch when it comes to penning horror flicks, in addition to Annabelle, he penned The Nun, both chapters of Stephen King’s IT, and the upcoming Salem’s Lot remake.as he’s worked on The Nun and Annabelle movie franchises. Master Chief having romantic relations WITHOUT his helmet on in the Halo live action series, and more Demon Slayer coming to theaters. This is your entertainment fix.

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