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Virtual Reality and nostalgia collide in Pixel Ripped 1989

Being on the more experienced end of the gaming spectrum (AKA old), I’m a sucker for some 8-bit nostalgia. That’s why, when I first heard of Pixel Ripped 1989, I couldn’t wait to feature it on an episode of Ian’s VR Corner.

Pixel Ripped 1989 transports you back to the years of my youth, putting you in the shiny black school shoes of Nicola – a 9-year-old gaming fanatic from London whose handheld Gear Kid console might as well be surgically attached to her palms.

The game started life as a school project before its developer, Ana Ribiero, converted it into a demo for the Oculus DK2 and then, finally, the full-blown video game for both Oculus and PSVR that you can see me playing in the video below. It’s a true passion project made by someone who grew up with gaming and it provides an incredibly unique VR experience which needs to be seen to be believed.

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