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Warzone PC cheaters with two-step authentication

Infinity Ward’s latest salvo in the battle against Call of Duty: Warzone PC cheaters is two-step authentication.

Specifically, the developer has enabled two-step SMS authentication for new Warzone PC users who log-in as free-to-play.

Infinity Ward has come under fire in recent months for Warzone cheating, which is more problematic on PC. In April, Eurogamer revealed how Call of Duty console players were disabling crossplay to try to avoid PC cheaters. In response, Infinity Ward outlined a string of new security measures, including matching suspected cheaters together. “There’s no place for cheating in games,” Infinity Ward said at the time. “Warzone has zero tolerance for cheaters.”

It’s early days of course, but two-step SMS authentication for new Warzone PC users should go some way to putting off cheaters who are quick to create new accounts after suffering a ban.

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