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Watch Ian play the first hour of The Wizards: Enhanced Edition live on PSVR

Due to an unfortunate bout of the flu, I wasn’t able to record an episode of Ian’s VR Corner this week. I’m not about to let some nasty virus stop me from spreading the VR love though, especially when I’ve been given exclusive permission to preview the first hour of next week’s big PSVR release.

From 2pm GMT today I’ll be streaming 60 minutes worth of The Wizards: Enhanced Edition gameplay on PSVR to see how this magical adventure game handles on a PS4 Pro. All you need to do is press play on the video below and, when the clock hits 2pm, you’ll be magically transported to my VR Corner where I’ll be testing the game and giving you my first impressions of the gameplay, controls and comfort settings.

Hey now, hey now, the stream is over… So what did I think? Well I came away feeling mostly positive about the whole experience and definitely would have continued playing and streaming past the allotted time if I’d have been able.

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