«What counts as interaction in video games?» asks new PS5 experience, Interaction Isn’t Explicit

Free «interactive study» Interaction Isn’t Explicit is now available via the PlayStation Store.

Described as a «short, interactive study» by designer Frank L. Silva, Interaction Isn’t Explicit «isn’t a traditional game but a debate of different aspects of game design» that aims to explore the «pros and cons» of traditional mechanics and consider which ones are «essential for the language of computer games».

You can see the announcement trailer below, which shows how the interactive piece reflects on the ways we play games, and the visual languages we use to understand them:

Cover image for YouTube videoInteraction Isn’t Explicit。- Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

Interaction Isn’t Explicit。- Announcement Trailer | PS5 Games

«While debating some aspects of game design with some friends, I thought it could be interesting to see if I could put my thoughts into something interactive,» Silva explains in the video description. «Figured I might as well publish it, so here’s a little trailer for it.

«This isn’t a full game, just an interactive essay/study that shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to complete.»

The non-game, which was added to the PS library earlier this month, has been well-received thus far, securing an impressive 4.12 stars out of 5 from a little under 1000 players.

Silva stresses that the experience «is a piece designed to provide personal practice material for game design (much like a study composition in music) — NOT a full game» but invites players to «explore a visually stunning world accompanied by a simple but effective third-person shooter combat and magnificent music, composed by FRENCH 79».

PS5 owners can give it a go for yourself right now – just head over to the PS Store to download it. There are even trophies available for those who collect ’em.

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