What To Expect From Invincible Season 2's Second Half — IGN The Fix: Entertainment

After a few months on hiatus, leaving fans on a cliffhanger, Invincible season 2 returns with its second half kicking off March 14th. But what can fans expect to see in the second half of season 2? The first half of #InvincibleSeason2 left us with a gravely injured Omni-Man, along with a battered #Invincible (Mark), after a fight with Viltrumite soldiers on a distant planet. Mark is then tasked with carrying out his father’s mission of preparing Earth for Viltrumite infiltration. We also have the star of the Halo Series having some choice words for fans who don’t agree with the removal of Chief’s helmet, plus some Marvel news you might be interested in. This is your entertainment fix.

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