What to Expect From Star Wars in 2024

Star Wars is more than Darth Vader or the Star Wars prequels, or even the Star Wars sequels, right? The state of Disney Star Wars in 2024 is pretty solid with things like Star Wars Outlaws on the way! Though we’ve hardly seen the end of Luke Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker, and that there will not be a Star Wars movie in 2024, Star Wars Disney Plus offerings will be plentiful. We’re discussing the state of Star Wars: 2024 and outlining all the new Star Wars in 2024 you have to look forward to, especially some new Star Wars series. 2024 will actually have a lot of Star Wars Disney Plus Series, trailer footage shows, starting with a new series set in the galaxy of Star Wars. Jude Law, trailer footage proves, will be a central figure, and next year will also introduce us to The Acolyte. 2024 will explore other parts ofStar Wars, which is long-needed, and hopefully Star Wars Outlaws satisfies as a game that touches all over the the galaxy. There’s much more! Keep watching for all the upcoming Star Wars Disney+ will have, but of course, Disney Plus is only the beginning!

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