Xbox Developer Direct coming this month, featuring Indiana Jones, Avowed and Hellblade 2

Microsoft will show off a first look at its Indiana Jones game during a new Xbox Developer Direct broadcast later this month.

The showcase will be broadcast on 18th January at 8pm UK time — that’s 3pm Eastern or midday Pacific — and also feature Avowed, Hellblade 2 and Ara: History Untold.

Wolfenstein developer MachineGames will showcase more than «more than 10 minutes of game and developer insights» including the first gameplay trailer. Expect to hear details about when the game will be set, what its story will be about, and «how fans will actually play as Indy». (Using a video game controller? An actual whip?! The mind boggles.)

A teaser trailer for the upcoming Indiana Jones game — from all the way back in January 2021.Watch on YouTube

Bethesda announced it had an Indiana Jones game in the works all the way back in January 2021, and warned at the time that it would be some time before the project was given a full reveal. Now, that time is finally here. In the meantime, we did at least get confirmation via an FTC hearing that it’ll be releasing exclusively on Xbox and PC.

We’ll also see gameplay of Avowed, the new fantasy action RPG from Fallout: New Vegas studio Obsidian, and hear more on Ara: History Untold, which is the new title from some of the creators of Civilization V at fresh studio Oxide Games.

And then there’s Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2. Will we finally get a release date?

In a blog post, Microsoft says not to expect new details yet on any titles from its recently-purchased Activision Blizzard studios — details on those will come later in the year, apparently.

Will Microsoft use this oppurtunity to announce any Xbox games for either Nintendo Switch or PlayStation, such as Sea of Thieves or Hi-Fi Rush? Tune in next week to find out — we’ll be reporting live.

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