Xbox Investing in PS5 Dev Kits to Release Multiplat Games

A report claims that Microsoft has been acquiring PS5 dev kits as part of its efforts to release some Xbox games on the platform. Amid all the hoopla, the company announced that it’ll formally address its vision for Xbox’s future next week, but that hasn’t stopped the rumor mills from churning out new claims every hour.

Hi-Fi Rush expected to be the first Xbox game to release on the PS5

According to XboxEra, which first broke the news of Microsoft’s plans to go multiplatform (at least partially), the company has made “additional investment into PS5 dev kits to support ongoing development efforts.” The publication claims that Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves aren’t the only two games headed to PS5, and that Bethesda’s Starfield is next.

Since Xbox head Phil Spencer’s acknowledgment of players’ frustrations yesterday, some journalists seem to be backtracking on their claims, implying that things might not be as dire as they originally seemed. However, The Verge’s Tom Warren has said that there’s no question of whether some Xbox games are headed to the PS5 or not because they are. The only question is which games Microsoft plans to release on multiple platforms.

All eyes are on Microsoft’s “business meeting” next week.

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